John Brown

From Houston TX

Commutes 14 Miles Round Trip for 0 years and 0 months
Once and a while, I am a parttime bike commuter Year Round

City/residential streets, mostly 2/4 lane and of course entirely flat, as this is near the Gulf coast.

Experienced bike commuter; having to take it easy due to illness and current work schedule. Riding my trusty Cannondale T-700 - almost 19yrs old now, but thanks to new components and a NiteRider system, a safe, reliable commuter.

Been fortunate over the years, although I've had my share of small items tossed at me by [envious] motorists. Always wear a helmet, I've had close calls & a few falls. Once a co-worker/bike commuter fell while we were riding on highway; his helmet cracked on impact of fall, but he was ok!

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