Ken Saxton

From Huntington Beach California

Commutes 7 Miles Oneway for 30 years and months
Four or Three Days a week, I am a bike commuter Year Round

My bike commuting began in northern lower Michigan (Traverse City). I occassionally rode my bike 15 miles to Traverse, from Grawn, where I lived the first 24 years of my life. Sometimes up Cass road, sometimes Silver Lake road, depending on which side of town I wanted to end up on.

I always hated the idea of buying more and more gas, and still, always having to buy more and more to keep going, and having nothing to show for the money spent. Such a lousy investment! After graduating from Northwestern Community College in cold, wet northern Michigan, I moved to Huntington Beach in sunny southern California, and sold my car. If the weather was rainy, I either rode the bus, or got wet. Now that my commute is only 7 miles one-way, I occassionally combine running as an alternative to bicycling. For example, I can bike to work, leave my bike in my office and run home. When I run, the commute is actually 8 miles one-way, because I take a detour from Pacific Coast Hwy, and run on the beach at Seal Beach. I don't get sand in my shoes because I don't wear shoes!

Watch out for cars, because they sure ain't looking out for us!

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