Whitney Turner

From Fort Lauderdale Florida

Commutes 3 Miles RoundTrip for 15 years and months
Seven days a week, my bike is my primary transportation Year Round

Nice little ride through a fairly quiet neighborhood, with one annoying 4-way stop on the route. Groceries are a little more of a headache, but nothing serious nine miles r/t with a BoB trailer, carrying up to 80 pounds of various stuff for our family of four.

33 year old guy, not in the bicycle industry, but actively involved in advocacy. Vehicular cyclist (ride a bike like you'd drive a car) with a VERY low incidence of traffic problems - could be how I'm doing it? I live in Fort Lauderdale, which is the bike fatality capital of the country, and probably tops Seattle and Portland as rain PROBLEM capital of the USA. It rains so hard here that well-drained streets flood and cars have to park and wait because they can't see out. Think waterfall. Oh, yeah, it's hot too. And it's a WET heat.

Not really commuting is pretty uneventful around here, if you do it right. There was the time during Hurricane Irene, though....

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