Charmaine Ruppolt

From Falls Church VA

Commutes 19 Miles RoundTrip for 9 years and months
Five Days a week, I use my bike to travel to and from work Year Round

My apartment is located just a few blocks from a bike path that leads into Washington, D.C. After off the path, I cross over a bridge (riding on the sidewalk), then through city streets about a mile to my office. The office building garage has a locked bike cage for people to store their bikes, and we have a locker room/showers/towels, etc. provided to clean up, which is nice. On my ride home, I ride on the streets vs. the path, as the route is less hilly.

I'm 43, single, and a legal secretary at a law firm. I'm kind of known as the "Biker Chick" in the office. :) I have a Maine Coon cat for company at home. :) I biked cross-country a few years ago (San Diego to FL) and what an adventure that was. I go on a bike trip every year since then, with biking friends. Nothing beats bike touring for really seeing an area.

Let's see - there are a few: I saw a totally naked guy on the bike path on an unusual warm evening in the winter once. That was a surprise. I think he was on drugs or something. Another time I saw the biggest raccoon on the path I have ever seen! Last winter was the first winter I biked through, using my mountain bike in the snow. Fortunately we only had a few lights snows (3-4 inches). Bike commuting is the BEST way to get to work - you get your exercise, fresh air (relatively!), meet nice people along the way, and I often find money on the streets as I bike home every day!

Washington, D.C. is a great place to be a bike commuter - there are bike paths everywhere. I'm really suprised more people don't do it...

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