John Meacham

From Westminster California

Commutes 30 Miles RoundTrip for 2 years and months
Four or Three Days a week, I am a bike commuter Year Round

I bike from my home in Westminster, CA to my office in Irvine, CA a 30 mile round trip. I start from near the intersection of Beach and Endinger riding east to Mile Square Park. I cut through the park to Warner Ave. and take it to the Santa Ana River Trail. I head South on the trail to Sunflower (right before the trail goes under the 405 Fry). I ride south on Sunflower until it ends running into Main street. I continue south on Main to the San Diego Creek Trail. I turn west on the trail going under the 405 Fry. Getting off at Michelson Drive. I turn right on Michelson taking it all the way to my office door. I park my bike in my office and shower in the fitness center located in the building.

I am a native of Southern California. (there are a few of us) Like most people I started riding bikes as a kid. Riding my bike to and from school. About the time I entered High School riding bikes was not cool. Overcome be peer pressure I put my bike aside and became a car commuter. At 30 years old I found myself getting fat and out of shape. Using one of my kids bikes I started riding again. I found a lost joy and fell in love with bicycleing all over again. I rode after work and on weekends for years. I also took up running in the winter when it was to dark to ride after work. I have ran several marathons and ultra marathons. When I took a new job only 15 miles from home it seemed natrural to me to try to commute by bicycle. After going over potental routs and logistigs of work atire and safty I made my first bike commute. I have not stoped commuting by bike since that first day. I arive at work engerinsed and ready to go. While most of my assoisates are hanging around drinking coffie and eating donnuts in the morning. I have engery and am ready for the day. I love bicycle commuting and kick myself for not starting earlyer in my life. Hey I may not drive a cool car into work but now I am the cool guy on the bike.

One great thing about bicycle commuting is you are outside. I say hi or hello to most everyone I see. By now most of the crossing guards and people wating for the bus I pass each day know me by name. As I commute to work it?s great to be greted by so many nice people. An experence you just can?t get when your locked in a car.

BikeCommute.Com is a website I built for bicycle commuters. I want to share the joy of bicycle commuting with everyone. I would love to help at getting people out of cars and onto bikes. For now I just wanted to create a fun place for us bicycle commutes and those thinking about bicycle commuting to hangout and swap stories.Stay Cool Big John

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