John Dunn

From Napa CA

Commutes 14 Miles RoundTrip for 2 years and months
Five Days a week, I use my bike to travel to and from work Year Round

I ride approx. 2 miles in small town urban environment. Then 5 miles up Napa Valley's famous Silverado Trail to the winery where I work behind the tasting bar. Since I don't leave or return during peak commute hours it is really a bike commuter's dream. However, this time next month will be a totally different scenario.

I have lived in California all my life (56 years) mostly in the wine country. By the end of August I will be making major, radical changes. I am not only moving to Boise, Idaho but will be doing something that I have toyew with for a long time. "CARLESS" Yes, I will be selling my car, moving to Boise and become dependent on bikes and buses to get me where I need to go. Any bits of advice most welcome.

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