Kurt Hedge

From Bakersfield CA

Commutes 19.2 Miles Oneway for 1 years and months
Two or less days a week, I am a bike commuter Summer Time Only

I travel the bike path to its Western end here in Bakersfield, then hammer North to the rural township of Shafter. The ride home is usually the same, or I'll go into town via the Eastern end of the Bakersfield bike path and ride some hills.

I'm a web and print designer, part time Clydesdale triathlete in training for Ironman(s).

Afraid to arrive late to work, I didn't bother to stop and remove/check my tires for embedded glass after riding through the detritus of an auto wreck site. I just reached down and let the turning front tire rub against my glove to clean it. So far, so good - but when scrubbing the rear, I pushed a bit too hard on the tire and got my hand sucked down between tire and seatpost! The bike came to an immediate stop, and I fell over like a dead moose. No injuries, but I did flat about 5 minutes later from glass in my rear tire! Oh, geez.

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