Matt Hodson

From Denver Colorado

Commutes 30 Miles RoundTrip for 4 years and months
Two or less days a week, I am a bike commuter Year Round

I start near the CU Medical Center, in Denver. I head south on Claremont. Left on Bayaud, right on Dahlia, right on Leesdale, left on Cherry. There, I leave the streets, and head southeast along the Cherry Creek Bike Path, for about 7 miles (this is the pleasant part of my route). At Yosemite, I head back due south. I wonder along Yosemite through the Denver Tech Center, and cross I-25. I take a right at Peakview, and a left at Syracuse. Once I cross Arapahoe, I enter a parking lot, and I am at work. Elapsed time: 1 hour.

I have not commuted in several years. This was due partly to a bike/car accident I had 4 years ago, in Portland, OR, where I was hit from behind, and ended up with a broken wrist. The injury caused a lot of pain when I rode, so I gave up biking for a couple of years. Then, when I was living in Atlanta (the other reason I have not commuted in a while. Very bike unfriendly), I bought a used Rans Rocket recumbent, from Ed at Fool's Crow, in Tallahassee, FL. What a difference! Now I feel no pain in my wrist (or my back, and butt), and I can go many, many miles.

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