Kevin Pfeiffer

From Pasadena CA

Commutes 10 Klometers RoundTrip for 3 years and months
Once and a while, I am a parttime bike commuter Year Round

Confined to within Pasadena and within Culver City, though I'll sometimes ride from Culver City in to downtown LA.

Anyone (registered here) needing a last minute lift by car from Pasadena in to downtown LA or Culver City (and back in the evening) can call me on my cell phone (626-644-3865). I even usually have a bike rack in the trunk.

My wife is commuting by bike these days. She sometimes complains about getting too warm riding, but now her workplace is downhill from home, so she only rides uphill in the evening, when it's not so important to look your best. Moral Live uphill from (or better, yet, at the same elevation as) your workplace. ;-)

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