The Dawgter

From Belmont CA

Commutes 48 Miles RoundTrip for 3 years and months
Seven days a week, my bike is my primary transportation Year Round

I vary my commute to keep it interesting. I ride my bike, scooter, electric bike, or electric scooter, usually in conjunction with the train or light rail, everyday. My favorite vehicles right now are: 1) My KickBike scooter (when I take the train) 2) My Vision R-50 recumbent bike (when I ride all the way). My commute takes between 65 and 105 minutes door to door, depending on transportation method and train connections. The fastest route is mostly train with about a 19 mile round trip bike ride, approx 1.5mi to the train station, 8mi train station to work, and back in the evening. The slowest route is when I ride all the way and stop for coffee in the middle. Others that work where I do and commute from near my home say the commute by car takes 30min mininum, 45min typical, and 60min+ is not unusual.

I have a growing collection of vehicles that I use to commute or just get around town on. Although I don't really need to use electric assist, but it is fun, allows me to be lazy if I wish, or to make it to the train if I get delayed and am running late.

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