Steve Case

From Loveland Colorado

Commutes 6 Miles Oneway for 15 years and months
Four or Three Days a week, I am a bike commuter Summer Time Only

My route is basically from one side of town to the othjer. with the finish of a street project recently, I can ride almost the entire distance to and from work on signed bike routes (not trails. I work a rotating shift so a good part of the time I am riding in either the very early morning hours (with lights) or after eleven at night (also with lights). If I have errands to run, I take a route that haas more traffic.

I am a 55 year old married man. My wife also commutes. I am a wastewater treatment Operator for the City of Loveland. shortly after we were married (32 years ago)our car died. we bought bikes and commuted fotr three years until our first child was born. we then pretty much got away from it until the year I turned forty. I bought a mountain bike for myself (followed in short order bikes for my wife and my four kids). I have been riding pretty much ever since. Now that the kids are grown, Elli and I have taken up bicycle touring.

I actually commute more than just summer. I start riding as soon as the weather permits in the early spring, and ride until I can in the fall.

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