Steve Florkey

From El Toro CA

Commutes 5 Miles RoundTrip for 2 years and months
Once and a while, I am a parttime bike commuter Year Round

When I was still working :-) I took a bit of Aliso Creek Trail under Muirlands to avoid Los Alisos and a left turn onto Muirlands. Once on Muirlands it was a straight shot just a bit past the Irvine Spectrum train station. I took Muirlands because the bicycle lane on Rockfield goes away for about half a block either side of El Toro Road. That is a very busy intersection. I felt like my choices were to avoid it or eventually spend time in the hospital.

I find that riding just a few miles on a conventional bike gives me two or three days of severe headache. So I bought a recumbent and can ride until my legs fall off. :-) Now I need a frame builder to help me fix some of the compromises in this choice.

My only wreck while bike commuting was when a woman thought she could outrun me to a driveway. She turned in front of me without a signal or a second look. I dumped my new recumbent to avoid hitting her car. I picked up my bike, pushed it across the parking lot, and found her in the produce section of the grocery store. When I asked her to be more careful next time she asked if I wanted money. I was truely bummed that she felt no sense of responsibility; she seemed to think I was trying to shake her down.

I now have a flag on the back of my recumbent. :-)

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