Dominic Richens

From Ottawa Ontario, Canada

Commutes 36 Klometers RoundTrip for 14 years and months
Four or Three Days a week, I am a bike commuter Summer Time Only

Last seven year: From Bank/Heron, down Baseline to the Woodroffe, take pathway to Carling, then Carling to Moodie (Nortel). Baseline and Carling are very busy, but when they re-did the surface 5 years ago, they increase the right lane width by 1/2 meter (painted the line over to the left). I find it safe and faster than the paths. Sometimes (about 2-3 times per season) I do the "via Gatineau Park" or the "via Manotik" routes, for 50km one way with some climbing.

Did some racing in my twenties, don't have time anymore, so I just 'sprint' the 18 km, trying always to make it in under 30 minutes. I do nothing all winter, but the fitness really carries through now I'm in my 30'ies.

Nortel lab I work at is really big, and there are a few other commuter nut-bars, who I sometimes "race" home with. Surprising how in the last five year the comments yelled at me from motorist are usually encouraging, rather than disparaging...the priceless one was "Holy crap Batman, how'd you go so fast?"

I've worked a lot of places. Always happiest commuting places that were about 15-20km from home. Lots of really good shower facilities at Nortel (fitness center has lockers and towel service) really makes it painless to commute...can't believe more people don't do it?!

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