Susan Christie

From Corvallis Oregon

Commutes 7 Miles Oneway for 13 years and months
Seven days a week, my bike is my primary transportation Year Round

My route here in Corvallis is about as good as it gets for a bike commuter. I start out on a rural road and then turn onto a 2-lane highway, with gorgeous scenery in all directions. When I get to town, I travel on arterials and local streets, with bike lanes all the way to work. Traffic is sane and drivers are accustomed to bike commuters. Our bike commute rate is about 10%.

I'm a 50-something technical writer. My husband Matt shares my love of cycling, both long-distance touring and commuting. We have three grown kids and a rascally cat, Clover, who is in charge at our house. I'm presently the chair of our bicycle/pedestrian advisory commission.

It was a beautiful sunny Tuesday morning, so I didn't wear my rainsuit to work. Guess what was happening by evening. Yup. My ride home was a bit wet. You'd think I'd know better, after so many thousands of miles bike commuting year round in Oregon!

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