Jordan K

From Havertown PA

Commutes 3 Miles RoundTrip for years and 4 months
Four or Three Days a week, I am a bike commuter Year Round

I am a fan of backroads-- To get around town I usually use residential streets, parks, bus routes, etc. To get to school I can ride specifically on backroads. Because I can do this, riding on a road with lanes that are actually marked is pretty much a last resort.

I'm 17, male, shaved head (no helmet hair, but helmet tan looks funny) and enjoy music. I ride my bike because I have a bunch of vaguely formed environmental and economic reasons to.

My interest in commuting really took off when I began tinkering with trashpicked bicycles. Soon I found out that I could go faster on a bike (duh) and began looking seriously at the idea of commuting to school (it's only 1.5 miles each way)

Shave your head. It'll keep you cooler in warm air, helps sweat dissolve, aids in stiching up the cuts you will get when a wheel falls off at 40 mph or something, and people will think you look all tough. My commuter is a single-speed converted Kabuki Skyway with rear rack. I also have an "old raleigh" (racing bars and hurley shifter) and two "new raleighs" which are actually property of my parents. I'm currently in the market for a cheapo mountain bike that I can abuse for fun.

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