Mark Lewis

From New York NY

Commutes 12 Miles RoundTrip for 23 years and months
Five Days a week, I use my bike to travel to and from work Year Round

I enter Riverside Park at 79th Street, and get onto the bike path that runs along the Hudson River. I used to get off at Liberty Street and head west to the East River. Now I go east on Chambers St, and then work my way over.

I am a systems person for a large banking group. I have been at the same place for 17 years, and during all this time have worked all around the city. Now I am on Wall St. I ride in all weathers virtually every day of the year. A blizzard is what it usually takes to get me onto the subway. I also ride around town on the weekends. On trips out of town, I will try and take my bike with me (ie on the train), else I try and rent one at my destination. I love riding for the sheer joy of feeling the wind on my face (as well as the for added benefit of it's being a great form of aerobic exercise, of course!), just like most folks who ride.

On 9/11, I had just reached the North Tower of the World Trade Center, when the first plane struck. I watched the plane actually hit the building. I then watched the second plane curve around from New Jersey, and hit the South Tower. I watched everything unfold, and the painful consequences of those attacks are indelibly etched into my memory. Over the years, I have witnessed many things whilst riding. That beautiful day in September, however, casts all prior experiences into the shadows. But I keep on riding. Non-stop.

I am a stickler for safety, and wear a helmet at all times. I also use lights at night, both in front and behind. In November 2000, I slipped on black ice on cobble stones and went flying, landing on my face. I ended up in hospital, looking pretty frightening. If it hadn't been for my helmet, I don't know WHAT would have happened. I also am one of very few cyclists to use hand signals. I like everyone on the road to know what my intentions are. Just the other night, a cyclist ahead of me, who knew I was right behind him, decided to turn right. No hand signals. Nothing. I cut him off, and gave him the fright of his life. ALWAYS make your intentions known, even if no one is behind you! You just never know.

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