Nathan Morse

From Seattle WA

Commutes 7 Miles RoundTrip for 1 years and 2 months
Seven days a week, my bike is my primary transportation Year Round

I live up on Capitol Hill on 16th, and have the pleasure of flying down the hill to my job near Safeco Field every day. This is great, because it makes it just that much more fun to greet each day. On the flipside, that means I have to ride back up every afternoon to get home, but I've really come to enjoy that as well, though in that different sort of way that we all understand so well.

Last November (2001), I was riding north on 1st Ave. below King St., and some moron flew over from the left lane to enter 99, and hit me while I was pedalling 30mph, and didn't even stop. Luckily the road was wet, so I just slid several yards instead of suffering severe road rash. I wasn't seriously injured, and I am forever happy about that.

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