Joseph Elliott

From Ottawa Ontario

Commutes 32 Klometers RoundTrip for 0 years and 1 months
Four or Three Days a week, I am a bike commuter Summer Time Only

My route is pretty simple.. it's all roads (which can be fun on my FS mountain bike). You can view my route here: http://www.mtbkanata.com/images/Misc/Joes_Commute_Map.jpg

I really am an XC MTB rider at heart... but with some of the XC Races I am entered in this year, I thought that cardio on the bike might be the best idea. Every other year, I just do the races, but don't really train-per-say... as a result my race times and placement really suffer. This year I hope to change all that!

My only stories are how motorists still fail to share the road... I have been honked at, given the finger, yelled at and made faces at.. what for? For riding on the side of the road where I belng. With a MTB, I always stay close to the curb, hit all the sewage drains and potholes too... some drivers...

You can always visit my website if you have some time to kill. http://www.mtbkanata.com/ I have online videos, photos, chat forum and more... it's a XC, DH, UA and everything else type site... all dedicated to the sport of riding!

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