Brian DeSousa

From Orange California

Commutes 40 Miles RoundTrip for 3 years and 0 months
Two or less days a week, I am a bike commuter Year Round

Mostly bike laned streets from Orange to Aliso Viejo. Route is Jamboree -> Portola -> Jeffrey -> Alton -> Laguna Canyon -> El Toro -> Aliso Creek. On the way home, I sometimes take Irvine Center Dr. instead of Portola to grab dinner at the Tustin Market Place. An excellent route map is at http://www.octa.net/pdf/bikewaysmap.pdf

32 yr. old, chemical engineer

None yet, but I'm hoping my employer doesn't transfer me to Long Beach. the distance will be longer and the bike commute less fun...

Glad to see many other Orange Countians on the list - maybe we could put together an Orange County commuter club or something like that? I hope to get my own commuter website up soon, bicyclecommuter.org

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