John Henry M

From tauranga New Zealand

Commutes 35 Kilometers RoundTrip for 2 years and months
Seven days a week, my bike is my primary transportation Year Round

my direct route is only 10ks includes harbour bridge:In-direct route 20ks includes harbour bridge& sea front road:long-way round 30ks,no bridge but scarry stretch of state highway.harbour bridge budget built 2 lane traffic, one each way (no where to escape!)heavy truck activity, port area,high winds on bridge.this bridge deters many would be cycle-commuters!

I am a railroad worker& work shifts 24-7 so I ride at all hours of the day or night.I am 54 yrs old& my family consider me eccentric bordering on nuts! riding my bike to work in all but the wildest of weather.

late at night early hours of the morning week-ends plenty of aggression from drunks, boy-racers ect.roads littered with broken glass:upside, riding home along the sea-front@ 0400 am no-body around& moon reflecting on the sea the only sound, the roar of the surf & the hiss of the chain thru the gears.MAGIC.

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