Bruce Bokish

From Raleigh NC

Commutes 35 Miles RoundTrip for 3 years and months
Four or Three Days a week, I am a bike commuter Summer Time Only

In warm months (April - Sept) I commute to work 2-3 times a week. I have several different routes ranging from 15 miles to 19 miles each way. The shorter routes are hiller. All routes have a lot of car traffic and are mostly suburban back roads with no shoulders and a few big divided roads. Once a week a friend rides with me.

Last year I rode about 1700 miles. This year I have ridden 3400 miles. I just completed Cycle North Carolina (a 1-week ride across the state) and the MS150. I started the year averaging 15 mph for the month and in Sept increased that to 17.25 mph.

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