Neil Chuprinko

From Flanders NJ

Commutes 18 Miles Oneway for 6 years and months
Four or Three Days a week, I am a bike commuter Year Round

My route is relatively rural with a great leg burner hill, and a 2.5 mile climb. My ride starts in Flanders and ends in Morris Plains. I can add miles by riding down to Chester, through Mendham and into Morristown.

I have been riding and racing road and mountian bikes for about 16 years. I just started a cycling club at my company with company support. At home I ride with my wife and son on a tandem with a tag-a-long. Great family activity! I have encouraged several new colleagues to commute as well!

Last fall while I lived in West Caldwell, NJ, I had to stay late at work and started my ride home in the dark. I had it home, reached for my keys, that were still sitting on my desk! I had to ride the 20 miles back to work, then back home. A little mistake that became an 80 mile ride!

Our club just held our first Basic Bicycle Maintenance Workshop at work. We had 13 colleagues attend. Most had no idea how to repair a flat!

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