From Brisbane Australia

Commutes 16 Kilometers RoundTrip for years and months
Five Days a week, I use my bike to travel to and from work Year Round

I train - my ride ends at work. That makes me a commuter. Really a morning ride can be anywhere between 35 and 70km.

My ride finishes at Southbank which means: Plenty of coffee/breakfast choices; I get to use the Goodwill bridge - so all the buggerising around with was worth it for me (not to mention the thousands who are walking the other way in the morning as well!) finally, I live south so no CBD traffic on the way home.

I worked for a while on the north fringe of the Brisbane CBD. It sucked 'cos I finished at 4:30 & had to battle with the lunatics that rational people become when they're in their personal missile. Now days - I'm over it! Had an incident when a jerk decided to u-turn in front of me on a narrow steep road just before the true city centre. I was downhill with the sun behind, but this nut decided to u-turn across double whites. I was too hurt & I had plenty of time to work out my speech before fully contacting his car. I enjoyed his exquisite discomfort at my tirade.

Verbal abuse - never underestimate it. I think George Costanza said it 'We're living in a SOCIETY, people!'

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