From Neuch?tel Switzerland

Commutes 13 Kilometers RoundTrip for 25 years and months
Five Days a week, I use my bike to travel to and from work Year Round

Main road from suburb to downtown, but it is a small city (35'000). There is a bike lane along the most jammed section, which helps not being stuck in the traffic. Usually no major problems with drivers, except those who park their car on the bike lane "just the time to buy cigarettes", and occasionally with bus drivers. Some bus drivers seem to hate cyclists. There is a nicer way along the lakeside but it's a little longer, and the 100 m final climb back home is really steep.

I am 39, and have been commuting by bike since I was 13, although with interruptions. Once every few years I have bouts of laziness and I drive to work for some time, but I've always finally reverted to bicycle. I am quite fortunate as I don't live too far from work, and when the weather is really too bad there is a bus every 6 minutes at rush hours. But cycling is faster !

Well, nothing really extraordinary. Never had an accident so far.

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