Peter Cook

From Melbourne Australia

Commutes 11 Kilometers Oneway for 1 years and 6 months
Four or Three Days a week, I am a bike commuter Year Round

I started out mostly on bike paths, but they are so slow and inconvenient that I switched to back streets and minor arterials within a few months. The area that I ride through is a lowish medium density inner urban area, including the suburbs of Moonee Ponds, Brunswick, North Carlton, Fitzroy and Collingwood. This is an area with lots of 1-2brm low rise flats and some new medium density but no real high rise. The actual population density here is about the same as 1/6ac detatched suburbia as a result of fairly low residential occupancies.

22yo, 6'5", 140kg, riding mostly to cut costs and get back in shape..

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