Rob Schaller

From Peoria IL

Commutes 15 Miles RoundTrip for 9 years and months
Seven days a week, my bike is my primary transportation Year Round

Majority is on the roads, I've had many commute routes over the years and the nicest one was along the American River Trail in the Sacramento CA area. This was one of the few paths I've been on that (1) was paved and well maintained and (2) went somewhere that was of use and didn't have tons of cross traffic to deal with. My longest commmute routine was a 52 mile round trip which featured some 2000 ft of climbing for the evening commute

I've been cycling seriously since 1984 and I recently eclipsed 200,000 miles on a bike since 1985. I like most facets of cycling and I especially enjoy tandeming (just wish I could find a regular partner who could appreciate my craziness for the sport!)

There have been many! Some of the most interesting would include an evening trip home that recieved front page coverage in a local newspaper! The reporter even mounted a camera on my handlebars to get an action shot. In 98' I bought a pair of Nokian studded tires to extend my commuting into the winter months. The expression on some faces was quite funny. My coldest commute was around -10F, the only motivation I had that morning was a tailwind:-) Upon arriving at work, my contact lense case had little chunks of ice floating in the saline solution

I really pitty those who are slaves to their cars for all their transportation needs. I only drive about once a month and I getting real close to getting rid of my car, period! It just doesn't make econmical sense anymore. A good quote that captures the essence of my thoughts about bicycle commuting in general: "odern industrialized states [are] resentful of a few cleverly arranged pounds of tubes and spokes. The cyclist creates everything from almost nothing, becoming the most energy-efficient of all moving animals and machines and, as such, has a disingenuous ability to challenge the entire value system of a society. Cyclists don't consume enough. They can propel themselves 1500 pollution-free miles on the energy equivalent of a gallon of petrol. The bicycle may be too cheap, too available, too healthy, too independent and too equitable for its own good. In an age of excess it is minimal and has the subversive potential to make people happy in an economy fuelled by consumer discontent." jim McGurn, 1994 Riding a bike, reducing oil dependency, helping the enviornment, keeping fit. Makes me feel good!

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