Daren Wilson

From Fort Collins CO

Commutes 2 Miles Oneway for 1 years and months
Seven days a week, my bike is my primary transportation Year Round

From my standalone condo at the south end of town, to the Colorado State U. campus, or to the downtown for business at the courthouse or coffee shop, in a town with a nice grid pattern offering many ways to get from here to there. What was annoying was that many times my trip was primarily north-south, never far from College, the main N-S road, but that *one* road of all those in Fort Collins is bad for biking - no bike lanes as many other roads do, and dense traffic, with little or no margin for bikes. However, Remington is quiet, more picturesque, and goes most of the way between my usual travel points. Bicycling is not at all bad in Fort Collins, and can be done year round if one doesn't mind a bit of a nip in the air and wind chill during winter.

Physics grad student, artist, and photographer, and occasional amateur lawyer. Biked frequently as a kid, was a paperboy. Developed a knack for bicycling on ice, other dangerous conditions. Fascinated with sustainable living - Earthships, solar power, composting (very hard to do if you live in an apartment), and clean transportation.

Originally from Michigan - I laugh at cold weather! Ha, ha! Well-bundled, I went to photograph some damamged cargo at a client site on a very cold, blizzardy day last November 2002, though only about 3 miles (one way), was subsequently described as "one tough hombre."

Drove a car most of the last several years due to suburban sprawl nature of where I lived. While in Fort Collins, our main car was totalled in a freak accident with a dog on I-25. We obtained another car, but it died of mysterious causes in spring of 2002. Since then I've biked and walked as my only transportation. (Forget buses! I hate waiting and fixed stop location not near where I'm going.) Luckily for me, my fiancee is a massage therapist. While in good health, I'm not athletic. Massage is vital. Unluckily for me, we broke up last May. Dang, it took three other massage therapists to do the equivalent quality of work on my newly strained muscles! Overall, I liked biking but one needs a good bike and ways to carry stuff for bike commuting to work.

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