From Huntsville Alabama

Commutes 10 Miles RoundTrip for 10 years and months
Seven days a week, my bike is my primary transportation Year Round

A pleasant ride through a historic section, downtown, up a difficult hill with a great ride down until I get to work. In reverse going home. Use my bike for going to movies and bookstores as well as groceries and other errands.

Bicycling changed my life for the better in so many ways-physically, emotionally, psychologically. Reading (lots) and watching movies (all genres, though classic horror's my favorite) are my other addictions.

Too many rude drivers and lack of driver awareness have been the one consistent problem I've had commuting. Even had problems with the police here until 199, when they got their own bike patrol and the local bike club got the chief to better inform the traffic officers about the rights a cyclist has to the road.

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