Paul Reeves

From Ponca City Oklahoma

Commutes 11 Miles RoundTrip for 17 years and months
Seven days a week, my bike is my primary transportation Year Round

I am a shift worker, and so I have early morning rides as well as late evening rides. The roads I take are not in the best of shape, with several being brick streets. I generally ride a mountain bike on my commutes.

Was born and raised in Ponca City, and am currently working for an Oil Refinery. I commute most everyday, and enjoy taking different routes to and from work.

I did have to take three different stops from bicycling over the past 17 years due to having back surgery three times. Currently my back seems to be feeling good, and so with any luck I will not have to be operated on again! Nothing in the world like spinning through town, I look forward to each and every ride.

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