Jack Zedlitz

From Charlotte NC

Commutes Miles RoundTrip for years and 3 months
Four or Three Days a week, I am a bike commuter Year Round

The layout of Charlotte is byzantine owing to neighborhood associations fighting major roads being built through their turf. Therefore, if you want to stay off the major roads, there are a lot of winding residential-type roads that don't lead to much else. There is nothing that resembles a grid. Bike lanes are a new discovery for our city council. However, given a few weekends to scout an imaginative route, I found a safe, albeit longer route, from my home to my work. It is quiet, through pretty neighborhoods, and most folks are courtesy in sharing the road. On the major roads, it is a different story...I wouldn't commute if I had to take one of the more heavily travelled roads to work, and I used to bike to work in Manhattan up 1st Avenue.

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