Chuck Thomas

From Austin TX

Commutes 21 Miles RoundTrip for 20 years and 0 months
Five Days a week, I use my bike to travel to and from work Year Round

I start near N. Lamar & Rundburg in North Austin. I go north on Lamar until Howard Lane. I then take the I-35 frontage road north into Round Rock. I take the same route back.

I started bicycle commuting during high school in 1982. That year gasoline reached a $1.30 a gallon and I could no longer afford gas for my car. Eventually, gas prices came down and I started making more money, but by that time I was hooked on bike commuting. I've been doing it ever since. It's sooo much nicer than driving :-)

I ride a Fuji silouette that I bought new in April and have been very pleased with it. I put Michelin 700x35 TransWorld City tires on it(http://cycleus.webmichelin.com/tires/transworldcity.htm). These are by far the best commuting tires I've ever ridden. I keep my cloths at work and carry lunches and other stuff in a cannondale handlebar bag. I use a Performance view point dual beam head light and a standard 5 led 2AA red blinkie on the back. I keep all my bike stuff in a seat post bag. I put planet bike fenders on the bike to keep the road grit off.

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