Nelson C

From Medford MA

Commutes 18 Miles RoundTrip for years and months
Four or Three Days a week, I am a bike commuter Year Round

My commute is a lot of fun. I start in Medford, MA in the backyard of Tuft University. I ride through Somerville, MA into Cambridge. I go past Radcliff and then Harvard University. I jump unto the Charles River, nice ride, until I reach the Half Shell, where they hold concerts. I leave the Charles River and ride past "Cheers Bar" and into the Boston Garden and Boston Common. I reach downtown crossing and the financial district in Boston. Cool ride.

I commute year round for the exception of snow, ice, and dangerous wind chill factor. I don't want to loose my nose on a 0 degree day with 30 mph wind gust. I club ride and I focus mainly on Randourneering (long distance rides).

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