Jay Epstein

From Yehud Israel

Commutes 13 Klometers RoundTrip for 3 years and months
Four or Three Days a week, I am a bike commuter Year Round

4 mile bike ride to 40 mile bus to Jerusalem Bike part is mostly on the wide shoulder of a major non-highway interurban road (40-60 mph between lights) Bus is #400 from Bnei-Brak to Jerusalem, mostly used by ultra-Orthadox Jews - interesting culteral experience. Bike is currently a cheap Trek MTB. I have panniers but mostly use a backpack for convenience. I drive in once every other week or so and stock the closet I built in my office with clean clothes.

33 year old economist working for Israeli government setting up a new natural gas industry in Israel Occasionally participate in critical mass (for fun, I personally prefer to ride with the traffic) and MTB group rides 2 accidents, bought a helmet after the 1st (very minor but spooked me) and broke my foot in the 2nd

Doesn't usually rain much here but a few weeks ago the heavens openned up for a couple days. Major flooding, people exacuated etc - I couldn't resist the urge to bike commute anyway. Being without fenders I built some out of a carved up Coke bottle and some other junk platic I had. Worked OK and it was a gas being on the bike in conditions like that.

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