From Littleton Colorado

Commutes 12 Miles RoundTrip for 30 years and months
Five Days a week, I use my bike to travel to and from work Year Round

I live less than two miles from the office. I usually ride six miles to get there and six to get home. I like the flexibility of route. I can ride more or less. My route includes bike paths and gravel trails.

I road a touring bike and then switched to a mountain bike. With the mountain bike I'm not limited to route. I like cold weather. The older I get the more determined I am to ride regardless of temperature but I won't ride in the snow. Motorists cause too much trouble even in the best of conditions. I've gone through several job changes and route changes.

I've been hit by cars twice in 30 years but sustained only scrapes and bruises and minor bike damage. One accident the motorist hit and run.

If it wasn't for sand, gravel, broken glass, broken car parts, and broken pavement the streets in the Denver metro area just wouldn't be paved at all.

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