Claude Willey

From Altadena California

Commutes 25 Miles Oneway for 8 years and 2 months
Four or Three Days a week, I am a bike commuter Year Round

I bike from Altadena, California into the San Fernando Valley to Cal State Univ. Northridge where I teach in the Urban Studies and Planning Dept. I leave very early in the morning and take the foothill route until I hit a road that flows into the San Fernando Valley. It's a rough commute with almost 50 mins of uphill climbing.

I'm an artist working with the Moisture collective. We harvest rainwater in the Mojave: http://moisture.greenmuseum.org My other life focuses are understanding Los Angeles urbanism and the social aspects of communities. I ride a Cannondale T-2000 Touring bike and Bike Friday folding bike, New World Tourist. I ride fully loaded and probably couldn't ride at all if it didn't have packed panniers.

I have a 2 hour commute one way from one valley to the next. I've biked all over Los Angeles and have too many stories to tell. I've been hit by two cars who have fled the scene and I'm often very sweaty in the summertime.

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