Jake Chipman

From East Hartford CT

Commutes 15 Miles Oneway for years and 6 months
Four or Three Days a week, I am a bike commuter Summer Time Only

New England provides some really scenic commutes along the back roads, through Ellington and Somers up to Enfield, for those from around here. A typical day begins with dropping my 5-month old son off at a relative's house, parking the car there and heading up to work. On numerous occasions I have seen wild animals, as well as gorgeous foliage in the fall.

For some reason, bicycles have always been linked to Buddhism, (i'm a practicing Zen Buddhist) and riding them is a meditative experience.

Only this, keep your bike in good repair and watch out for sharp objects!

Great website, lots of info. I'm surprised how many other bikers there are out there who commute!

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