Miles Poindexter

From Jersey City NJ

Commutes 6 Miles RoundTrip for 8 years and months
Seven days a week, my bike is my primary transportation Year Round

I sometimes bike, sometimes rollerblade to the Hoboken train station three miles away. At night I return home through Liberty State Park and see the breath-taking New York skyline glowing across the Hudson River.

Hi, I have just bought my first house here. Close proximity to public trans, and New York City were major reasons for my purchase. I lived in SF, CA for 8 yrs. but returned here to finish college, (at 33!). Now I'm looking for other bicycle lover's to share some adventures in Hoboken, and NYC.

One trip home from college, a car kept honking behind me. It was a busy commercial street with parked cars on my right. I just kept riding and the driver sped past me much too closely. Amazingly, she stopped just one block ahead of me to make a left. When I caught up to her car I gave her side window a loud angry WHAP with my hand as I passed. She came after me and I pulled out my mini-lock from my back pocket and pointed at her menacingly. She screeched to a halt, looking horrified, and stopped following me. Later, I realized that, in the darkness of night, she must have thought I had pulled out a gun!!! Heh.

Great new site! I run another site focused on urban self-propellers. http://www.selfpropelledcity.com. Come visit, read some news, and then visit the self-propelled forum!

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