Rob MacLeod

From Salt Lake City Utah

Commutes 2.5 Miles Oneway for 18 years and months
Five Days a week, I use my bike to travel to and from work Year Round

There are a few routes depending on what part of the campus I am aiming for. I teach in one place, have my lab in another and offices in both. As with many bike routes in SLC, we have some striped lanes and other places with just wide outside lanes; old Brigham Young did us bikers a favor and make the roads very wide when he laid out Salt Lake City. We have a good working relationship with the City's transportation and planning staff and especially from the mayor's office. Life is not perfect in SLC; drivers can be whacky, weather a little challenging at times, and it is a pretty hilly place.

Professor in Bioengineering and Cardiology, heart researcher, long time bike advocate. I have been involved in cycling forever and serve on our local advocacy committee, also member of a great bike racing club and some other local trail and alternative transportation groups in the area. Also an Effective Cycling instructor and a high fan of Bike Friday.

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