Matt Tillotson

From St. Paul Minnesota

Commutes 9 Miles RoundTrip for 12 years and months
Five Days a week, I use my bike to travel to and from work Year Round

Sides strees from my house to Summit Avenue, nice bike lane, then through the hell that is downtown, across the river to work. I alternate between my touring/commuter and a fixed gear. Up Ohio and Ramsey hills on a fixed gear, oh yah!

39 years old in 2004, originally started biking as physical therapy for a knee injury, then emotional thearapy, now more environmental and too damn Scotch to pay the upkeep on a car. I bike 10-11 months a year, taking a month or less of in the winter. I don't bounce quite as easily as I used too.

Things I have learned biking: Never draft a gargage truck, don't flip off the honk behind you- it might be a co-worker saying hi,don't take a fixed gear bike with no brakes down a steep hill if the chain is loose.

My wife and I have a tandem, loads of fun! Its great to pass racers on that bike!

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