Jim Blount

From North Augusta South Carolina

Commutes 14 Miles RoundTrip for 4 years and 0 months
Four or Three Days a week, I am a bike commuter Summer Time Only

My route is actually only about 5 miles on way, but I add miles going home to get extra ride time.

I began riding in May of 2000 as a request by my doctor to lose weight. I told him that I was seeing him for what he could do for me, not what I could do for myself. At any rate, I had purchased a new bike the previous summer so I gave it a try and feel in love with it and been riding ever since. Have done some touring as a friend of mine took up the sport about the same time.

I don't have too much to offer here. Most are run-of-the-mill types like getting buzzed by ignorant drivers or occasionally getting squeals by young girls. That is until they pass me and see my gray beard.

In the commute frequency box above, you only offer year round and summer only. While I don't ride year round I do ride more than summer only. Generally, if the temperature is above 35 degrees and not raining, I will ride. Sometimes work restricts my riding. I still recieve ridicule for wearing spandex from my non-riding macho employees.

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