From Murray Utah

Commutes 27 Miles RoundTrip for 5 years and months
Four or Three Days a week, I am a bike commuter Year Round

Currently I jump on a bike/jogging/dog walking/roller blade pathway that parallels the Jordan River which runs North-South on the West side of Salt Lake City. After a few miles there aren?t too many runners or walkers which is nice. I can ride that path for about 9 miles on paved and gravel trails and then hit the streets around 13th South. Currently I work just north of the Delta Center in downtown Salt Lake so the 13.3 mile ride takes between 45 minutes (with a tailwind and good nights rest) to an hour and ten minutes (with a nasty headwind). If I?m tired in the evening I jump on Trax and take the train to either Murray North or Fashion Place and ride home from there. A few years ago my commute was all on city streets as I was working in another area of downtown. I enjoying not fighting traffic and Utah drivers (with no concept of turn signals) for most of my commute!

I love riding in the morning especially as the sun is coming up over the Wasatch Mountains. I regularly scare up ducks and geese as I ride the path that runs along the river. Last spring a pheasant jumped up and flew just in front of me for several seconds until it decided it couldn?t out run me and veered off to safety in some brush. The drawback in the summer is eating my daily dose of small flies which seem to swarm and gather at certain locations along the path. The briars and thorns in the spring definitely afflict and torment man!

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