John Ridley

From Chelsea MI

Commutes 11 Miles Oneway for 1 years and months
Five Days a week, I use my bike to travel to and from work Summer Time Only

When we moved to the area 9 years ago, we choose a house where my entire commute could be on secondary roads. This has worked out well for bicycle commuting. Though it's a bit long at 11 miles, it's a nice trip. The first 4 miles are on gravel, so I did get a hybrid; the road bike was beating the tar out of me. So far I've only used the bike in the summer, but I am putting on a halogen light and will try to extend my commute into the winter as much as possible.

I'm a programmer and work at a company with about 400 people in our campus (and of course, more land taken by the parking lot than by the buildings). One or two people at work have expressed interest in bicycle commuting, though I've only seen other bikes at work maybe 4 or 5 days this summer so far.

I'm really in favor of the attitudes of the vehicular bicycling groups, which advocate bicycles being given equal rights and access as vehicles, rather than unnecessarily spending resources building separate paths and (sometimes dangerous) bike lanes. A bicycle on a normal road should not cause trouble if everyone is doing the right thing.

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