Joseph Elliott

From Ottawa Ontario

Commutes 45 Kilometers RoundTrip for 0 years and 1 months
Five Days a week, I use my bike to travel to and from work Year Round

My route takes me from South Ottawa, through corn fields (And large amounts of wind) to the old highway, through the experimental farm, past Dow's Lake through Downtown to my building!

I have always loved biking... I run a large Mountain Bike website (http://www.mtbkanata.com). After moving to a new house in South Ottawa, I had to get rid of my truck and go down to one car... working downtown, driving doesn't make sense anymore, so it's on the bike!

Drivers need to watch out! It's amazing how many people think bikes should not be on the road... or the bike lane for that matter. So many people use the bike like as their own personal "Pass all the backed-up traffic lane."

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