Jerome Triplett

From Hamilton AL

Commutes 12 Miles RoundTrip for years and 2 months
Four or Three Days a week, I am a bike commuter Year Round

I live in pretty hilly terrain, with the way to work being generally down hill and the way back most definately up hill. It's a fairly scenic route though, so it's quite enjoyable. I only travel down one "major" road for about 1.5 miles or so, and it's pretty rough because I travel on the side, but the rest of the route consists of nice scenic backroads.

I'm 31 years old and I'm married with a daughter. I decided to start commuting to work for a number of reasons: 1.To get in shape and fight becoming a decrepit old man. 2.To reduce my negative impact on the enviroment 3. To sightly reduce my dependence on oil 4.To save money on gas and vehicle maintence. 5. To simply slow down a little and enjoy the scenery. I would very much like to work my way up to some of the group rides I read about in my state, they seem like they would be a lot of fun.

I'm still pretty new to the whole bike commute scene, but so far I'm loving it!

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