Lee Proctor

From Colorado Springs Colorado

Commutes 7.2 Miles Oneway for 8 years and months
Four or Three Days a week, I am a bike commuter Summer Time Only

I mainly commute between home, work and occasional trips to the local strip mall. These trips are mostly on the shoulder, or far right side of four lane roads, and rarely on main highways. I wish we had more bike lanes here in Colorado Springs! Charlotte, Barnes, Tutt, N. Carefree, and Peterson for those who know town.

It takes me just as long to bike into work as it does to drive. I had a co-worker approach me about May 2006 who told me he saw me riding in. He said, "Man I saw you at a light several miles back and couldn't keep away from you! The light turned green, I got well ahead, and you caught up by the next light!" It's funny how few people realize how slow they really travel through town.

I've been bicycling on and off since high school, so my total time is close

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