Beth Hamon

From Portland Oregon

Commutes 9 Miles RoundTrip for 34 years and months
Seven days a week, my bike is my primary transportation Year Round

I have two jobs and each is about the same distance from my house. Mostly residential streets with some busy crossings over freeways and around business districts. One long gradual uphill first thing in the morning and motly flat the rest of the way. I ride in all weather (except when there's ice on the road) and all year round.

Read all about my love affair with the bicycle at http://bikelovejones.livejournal.com

Bike commuting since age ten. Riding daily helps me to stay healthier and more mentally positive, and is the loveliest way I know of to get from place to place. Lately I have been keeping track of my daily and weekly mileage for the purpose of self-encour

I sold my car in 1990 and decided I would never again own a car of my own. I dropped out of graduate school when I realized I could not square that professional career choice with my insistence on living a bicycle-oriented, materially simpler life. I have

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