Pat Joram

From Rochester NY

Commutes 6 Miles RoundTrip for 2 years and months
Seven days a week, my bike is my primary transportation Year Round

I ride 100% city streets - however I've changed my route and bicycle slightly as I had too many near misses last year that included a couple of snapped of mirrors and a report to the police about an incident of road rage. I'm riding my mtb - much better made for the potholes I encounter - or the fact that I may have to jump on a curb to avoid something. And I've been rather inventive this year -- in order to avoid the main thoroughfares into the city where it is extremely busy traffic and no shoulder --- I've spotted a few side alleys that I zip down and found two parking lots of two business buildings that have a small fence between them - but luckily there's a pile of rubble that allows me to climb it (on bike) and jump over, one small stretch of sidewalk in order to avoid an expressway entrance/exit and the streets full of cars waiting to enter it --- then hop a high curb - zip across 6 lanes of traffic and then it's side streets all the way to my building. Other than that - I use my bicycle for total commute - not only that I lead rides for my club - so I bicycle to the ride start --- lead the ride and then ride home. I bicycle year round and especially enjoy offroad in the winter.

I'm 48 and enjoy all types of bicycling - and can't decide what bicycle I want/"need" this n

I have more "good" stories than "bad" stories ---- but it's the bad stories that are the ones that harm you.

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