Berry Bogart

From Vancouver BC Canada

Commutes 15 Kilometers RoundTrip for 30 years and 0 months
Seven days a week, my bike is my primary transportation Year Round

I use a zig-zag combination of side streets, bike routes (designated side streets with limited features for traffic calming and arterial crossing), and wide arterials.

Fairly hard-code roady - ultramarathoner (Randonneur) for 15 years; long distance (100-200km/day over 30 days) tourer. Now '57 years old.

"I have had exactly one MVA in 30 years - 3 years ago a taxi pulled out from a driveway in my path and stopped - in heavy rain. I had nowhere to go and couldn't get stopped with the rain (I was going downhill - maybe 30kph). SInce then I have had recurrent neck, shoulder and arm pain and leg numbness. But of course I am lucky! "

Anyone who regularly commutes has to work hard to avoid MVAs, every week if not every day. It is time that other vehicles respect out position on the road, legal as well as physical.

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