From Queens NY

Commutes 11 Miles Oneway for years and 2 months
Two or less days a week, I am a bike commuter Year Round

There are striped bike lanes on roads in queens and the city is painting more as I type. I take as much striped lines as I can and then go on a bike path through 2 parks, then on more striped lines until I run out of both, then I go on all back streets until I get to work.

I am 32 years old and was growing more and more tired of living in a city with increasing traffic, pollution, high costs for gas, insurance. I found that exercise made me feel a lot better, however the drive to the gym took 40 mins, plus gas, plus gym fees plus time away from my family. A few years ago I booked a campsite online and received a free subscription to Bicycling magazine. I read a few articles, got a cheap bike and started riding, from then I always logged on to read about cycling and eventually read about bike commuting, I only did it one Friday so far, but I plan to get lights and a rack and commute a few days a week, I also run errands now in bike.

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