Doug Albach

From Chesapeake VA

Commutes 17 Miles RoundTrip for years and months
Five Days a week, I use my bike to travel to and from work Year Round

Pretty horrible - six lane highway, Interstate junction, narrow lanes/no shoulders, drawbridge over Intracoastal waterway. It's well lit for the most part and the majority of drivers give me space. Oh yeah, it's also flat.

Am a two car family, but will not replace the first one to die. C/Java Software Developer. Wife, daughter (in high school next year, I gotta get prepared), son (middle school surf punk), Great Dane, two outdoor cats. Commuter bikes: Cannondale road bike for summer daylight, Bridgestone MTB for winter darkness. Used to carry my stuff in panniers all the time, but I bought a Timbuk 2 messenger bag last Spring. It's really good.

As bad as drivers can treat us on the road, they treat each other worse. Two winters ago while going home at night I was close enough to the impact to get a shower of windshield glass as an asleep driver rear ended a stopped Chevy Suburban at about 40mph. No one was hurt. Lots of airbags going off, though.

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